A Home for Healing and Spiritual Evolution
by Emma Bragdon, PhD.
Foreword by Rustum Roy, PhD.

Category: Spirituality/Health
Published by: Lightening Up Press
ISBN # 0-9620960-5-9196 pages includes Glossary, Index, Notes

Appendix: “How Christianity Relates to the Concept of Reincarnation”. Dimensions: 6 X 9, softcover.
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Community centers that function as grassroots welfare systems, alternative health centers, and schools for training mediums (psychics) and fostering spiritual evolution, all rolled into one have been developed in Brazil. Called Kardecist Spiritist Centers, they are ecumenical, and foster brotherhood and peace. Bragdon suggests we import components of these highly effective places of healing — proven successful for 100 years — to improve our ailing healthcare system. Current research tells us that a strong spiritual life is therapeutic, and Energy Medicine may be the wave of the future. This book will guide you in exploring that direction.

This book is a companion to the film, “Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health”. Go to www.spiritismfilm.com for more information and to order.

Bonnie Horrigan (Editorial Director for EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing, and author of “Voices of Integrative Medicine: Conversations and Encounters.” and Executive Director of “The International Society of Shamanic Practitioners”) said of Kardec’s Spiritism:
“People in healing professions of all types will find this book both enlightening and useful.” Read the complete review.

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